MONEY $HOTS: The Tom Segura Coming Everywhere Photo Archive

Dear Friends,

When I decided to come everywhere, one of the first people I invited to join the tour was my friend, the brilliant photographer Shaun Nix. Over the course of almost 2 years, 171 cities across 21 countries, and 303 shows, Shaun captured some amazing images. We are offering them here, via Money Shots, as one-time exclusive prints. 

For every city I came (continuing on with this next group of 30 dates from early 2022), we are offering 5 photos; they can be ordered as a print, or you can choose to have yours framed or framed and matted before we ship to you. Only one print will be made per photo, and when they're gone - they're gone. They will not be sold again and you will not find these anywhere else unless you have an asshole friend who grabbed a screenshot from Instagram and printed it on his home printer, in which case that's a super low resolution shitty looking photo that definitely shouldn't be framed. We have the good ones. We have the Money Shots. Each photo comes with a YMH Studios Certificate of Authenticity.

Thanks for letting me come everywhere.